Photography is Art?

When contemplating the works of Lut Moerenhout, it's obvious that the only answer to this question is unqualified confirmation.

Moerenhout is never in the business of merely registering the outside world, but always constructing her own reality. She creates images, in the true sense of the word. The artist makes choices, adds and distracts, and thus develops her own eccentric visual language, transcending the mere "beautiful picture".

Moerenhout uses photography as a painter uses paint and brushes.

This brings about images which do not aestheticize but rather confront us. A confrontation with solitude and disarray, but also with beauty and details that easily would be lost upon a guileless spectator.

Moerenhout notices, registers and gets to work. Lines in architecture or landscapes convert in the contours of a cage, or on the contrary, a stimulating horizon. The human figure is always there, slightly alienated and puzzled. Without fail this is also the experience the spectator will get when taking in the artwork of Lut Moerenhout.

Mon Coppens